Beeswax Food Wrap - Dragonfruit Print

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  • Meli Wraps are Planet-Friendly Reusable Beeswax Wraps made with Organic Cotton, Hawaiian Beeswax, Tree resin, Plant Oils, and Lots of  LOVE!!
  • They are the perfect eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. 
  • Use them to cover leftovers, a dish, cheese, sandwiches, half an avocado, or fold one into an envelope for snacks!!
  • They are easy to wash with mild dish soap, a sponge and cool water.
  • Meli Wraps are reusable for up to 150 washes or 1-2 years!!

Our small size is 7x7" which is perfect for half of an avocado.

Our medium size is 10x10" which is perfect for covering a bowl.

Our large size is 10x16" which is perfect for wrapping a sandwich or loaf of bread. 

What are Meli Wraps?

What are Meli Wraps?

Meli Wraps Beeswax Wraps are a reusable alternative to plastic wrap, container lids, and plastic sandwich bags. Meli Wraps was founded to keep single use plastic out of our oceans, and so far we've helped keep over a million pounds of plastic out of the oceans. And we're just getting started.

Made with:

🐝 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

🐝 Hawaiian Beeswax

🐝 Natural tree extracts

Lasts 150+ Washes!

Lasts 150+ Washes!

Longest-lasting beeswax wraps. Seriously! We've tested. Average life of 1-2 years with typical use.

Endless Possibilities

Imagine what you can wrap
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Give Meli Wraps a try! Our money-back guarantee says if not satisfied just contact us for a return within 30 days, and we'll return your money - no questions asked!

(you're gonna love them)

Sticky & strong. Folds into an envelope. No strings needed.

Sticky & strong. Folds into an envelope. No strings needed.

Try that with other beeswax wraps. We dare you.

But how do they compare to plastic?

See for yourself.

Customer Reviews

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Evee Patricio

Beeswax Food Wrap - Dragonfruit Print

Stacy Bosch
Love these wraps

All my glass snap ware container tops have broken wings. It is more expensive to buy replacement lids than to buy a new set! It seems like a waste because the glass container is still good. These bee wraps are perfect as lids.

Anne Vassal
Dragon fruit

I just got them so I really haven’t tried them more than a few times. While I didn’t expect them to be saran wrap, I thought that they would stick a little better. But they really are beautiful and I like the way things look with the colorful dragon fruit cover. I think I have to fool around with them a little more. I bought them because I was so over Saran Wrap and looking for an alternative.

Marcia Kane Hittner
Asking this question too soon

You need to send your email request for review after the package has been delivered. We just received the box 2 days ago and haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

Rick Quinn Mu
Game changer

These beeswax food wraps are a game changer. No more searching for a container lid or fumbling around with plastic wrap. Best part is they are reusable! They look AWESOME too!